Wigglebottom Snax

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Our original treat.  Five inches long and easily broken for your size dog

We don’t make bone-shaped SNAX because for the dog, shape doesn’t matter.  It’s all about smell and taste.  In fact, if you put a treat in front of a dog’s nose she can’t see it.  Think about it...the eyes of a dog are located on the sides of its muzzle unlike those of a human.  Therefore, what’s directly in front of a dog is outside her field of vision. So that’s why Wigglebottom makes the most enticing smelling and best tasting SNAX in the canine universe.

We use only the best organic ingredients.  If it can be organic it is.  Flavorful Ginger, Garlic and Peanut Butter currently make up our flavor selections.

   Boston, aka Batman/Batty

Pack of 24 6"   $10.00

Bakery box (144 or so)  $50.00 

Other sizes upon request

    Pack of 12 6"        $5.00