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Rowan's FYI

We recommend these publications as terrific sources of information and really good reads.

“The Noble Mind” explores the “intelligence” of dogs, whatever that means,. Horowitz debunks many of the canine “intelligence tests’, arguing that we should acknowledge and appreciate the differences and leave it at that.

Mystery solved: dogs are not color-blind. What they see is different from human sight due to the placement of the eyes on the head, the construction of the eye and fewer cones in the retina. Thus the dog’s color spectrum is smaller, making blue/green and green/yellow more prominent. Red may be seen as a dull, pale green. So why all that red stuff? Think Kong.

Good thing the primary factor in the gathering of information and everything else, i.e. dinner and real good, healthy SNAX is the sense of smell. The brilliantly complex wonder that is the nose of a dog is explained in a way so as to leave one awestruck.

Her relationship with Pump is a joy even to the last page where I was left with a lump in my throat.

Everything, truly, you should know about feeding your dog (cats too). Beginning with an overview of the pet food industry, and moving on to the good, the bad and the ugly. A tour through the maze of rules and regulations, or the lack thereof will leave no one complacent about the feeding of one’s dog. The authors present a highly detailed primer on how to read the ingredients label on the package and how to see through the hype and recognize marketing ploys and deceptions. The journey into the workings of the pet food industry was fraught with stonewalling, refusal to answer questions and blocking entrance to facilities. This book is amazing in its wide range of topics, the science of appropriate foods, combinations, use of additives and the list goes on. It is an extraordinary presentation and analysis of pet foods and the industry which makes the products, markets them and sets the rules and regulations. A real eye-opener!

A huge shout-out to Bette and Bravo Pet Foods for figuring prominently and positively in this analysis of the industry.

An examination of the trail of tainted dog food from China to the U.S., the lack of regulation and inspection practices of pet food ingredients and a bizzilion other issues, is a frightening picture.

There is no happy ending here. The take-away here is to be aware, read the labels and don't get caught up in all the hype.

.Let’s take care of one another and appreciate all that we are.

The Politics of Pet Food: The Chihuahua in the Coal Mine

Marion Nestle   University of California Press    2008

Love, Rowan

One more: Subscribe to this invaluable resource

Whole Dog Journal       whole-dog-journal.com

Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell and Know

Alexandra Horowitz       Scribner       2009

Well written and a joy to read, this book draws the reader into the sensory and cognitive ways of dogs. A keen observer, Horowitz examines the world of dogs through sight, smell and cognition showing us what it's like being a dog. A PhD in cognitive science, she presents a book that is readable, always informative,insightful and occasionally funny. Her dog, Pumperniclel or Pump accompanies her in her quest for understanding, often giving her entry to and acceptance in the realm of the canine world.

Feed Your Pet Right

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Marion Nestle and Malden Nesheim          Free Press       2010