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Naturally your dog knows the difference.

Zoloft: The Original Wigglebottom

The Board:

Zoloft, Rowan, Jackson

Wigglebottom Snax strives to meet the snack needs and desires of as many dogs as possible using only quality organic ingredients and enticing, healthy flavors.

We started making treats for Zoloft, our first Springer, when we learned that he could not digest many of the treats and foods available. Extensive research led us to the conclusion that much of what was and is still available in the marketplace is focused on the quantity and shelf-life of the product at the expense of quality and healthfulness. Our next phase found us in the world of canine nutrition focused on treats. We determined what was regarded as healthy as well as tasty. Our kitchen looked like a really weird lab as we underwent trial after trial to find our current recipes and to build a base for future ones. The fun really began with the assembling of our Quality Control Team. Zoloft and his sibs Jackson and Rowan were joined by Charles, Heather, Ivy, Rose, Darby, Boston, Titus, Talisker, Zippy, Chester, Remedy, Duncan, Zeus and lots more. We are very grateful for their time and effort in this adventure.

So there you have it...the story of WIGGLEBOTTOM SNAX

Rowan after a hard day at Quality Control.

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